The Hideaway Studio

The Hideaway is a residential recording studio created by Imogen Heap in 2006.

The cosy heart of the studio running  a Pro-Tools HDX rig and a Rupert Neve 5088 desk is located in the basement of the house but patch bays are fitted in other rooms so recordings can benefit from the unique acoustics offered by an elliptical building.

Six bedrooms, including one designed for children, two bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and multiple other living spaces are available and can be adapted to tailor for a creative retreat, recording session or production residency.

More information on our dedicated website:

Imogen Heap and Taylor Swift at the Hideaway, Feb 2014


Very little availability in 2020.
Contact us for more information, bookings and enquiries. 

Recorded at The Hideaway Studio


Guy Sigsworth

“The Round House offers a wonderful creative environment for recording. I’d recommend it, especially for songwriters and composers seeking fresh inspiration.”

Amanda Palmer

“I’d recommend this secret spot without reservation to any musician friends wanting to hole and away to write or record, or both…This is a totally unique a magical wonderland for music-making with incredibly magical vibes all around. The property and house drip with character and inspiration and the staff and people kicking around are
the perfect combination of hands-off and helpful. I found this place deeply inspiring for music-making…so many musical toys to play with! So many horses to pat! So many fields to walk in to clear one’s songwriting head!”

Sam Lee

“The Recording Experience is the most sensitive of endeavours creating an environment that is both calm, creative, technically able and can handle lots of noise and energy all at once yet honour the silence. The Hideaway Studio courtesy of Imogen Heap and her crack team is the ideal space to embark on such a venture. Its grand and cosy, its spacious and intimate, its old and charming but technically top notch. It marries a place to make a home and a place to make art in unique and idiosyncratic ways…… ”

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